Dragonflies in Wool - PATTERN

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This project is a good for beginner needle felters to get your feet wet in felted applique technique, and it is easy enough for a rank beginner to do. To do needle felting you push wool fibers, called rovings, into wool backgrounds with a tool that has barbed needles.  The barbs get the wool fibers and fabrics hooked together making the felt.  You can shade by mixing the fibers in your hands pulling them apart again and again till the colors are mixed. The results are more realistic than applique, which is what I am known for. 

This pattern has a dragonfly, bee, and several flowers drawings.  I used Angelina (iridescent plastic fibers) mixed with wool fibers to make the wings sparkly.

This pattern is available as a  PDF which you receive as a downloaded pattern with color photos and written instructions and full sized drawings  You'll need a working printer to work with it..  Both the printed pattern and PDF have the same instructions and drawings and color pictures of my quilt.  The PDF pattern, if you choose to buy that version, will be sent to you within 24 hours.  Do not wait weeks to tell me if you experience a problem with the download.  Communication is important to having an easy download with a PDF pattern.

My little wall hanging measures 19"" wide x 19" high   Each of the blocks for the backgrounds of the dragonflies is 9" to 9 1/2" square.  The borders are 3" wide.  I hand dyed my wool fabrics, but it isn't necessary.  You could use any wool fabric you have around or contact me for making a special kit for you with wool fabric and roving (fibers), add bead that you probably already have in your stash..  I used cotton for the backing and binding.  The appliques are poked together with the felting tool  (Clover 8901, the pink one) which I have listed here on ebay. It  costs $14.50 and is used with a piece of upholstery foad to protect your legs or the table.

I invented this technique and I went wild making two award winning quilts in wool and felted appliques.  The Crazy Sheep and the Sheep Wannabees (you can see the patterns listed here on ebay) quilts came about, before this printed pattern, when I realized that people wanted a smaller project to try felting.  It was a light bulb moment when I figured out how I could teach people with no drawing ability to be able to felt a shaded sheep face that looks real.   

I would love to put a special listing together for you to make a kit for this pattern: 4 or 8 baggies of roving in an assortment of  colors and hand dyed wool fabrics for you.  Most of my rovings are hand dyed making them have a many shades in one baggie.     This kit would be about $46.00 for the hand dyed wool and roving.   I used green wool yarn for the stems.  If you like, you can tell me what your color preferences are.  I'll do my best to choose colors with your color sense in mind.

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Hand Dyed Wool Fabrics
Two 6'" strips x 23" for border  $14.00
Hand Dyed Wool Fabrics
Four 10" squares for backgrounds  $16.00
Wool for appliques 22" x 7"  $9.00
Fiber baggies 4" x 6" for Dragonflies, bees and flowers
4 baggies of fibers  $14.00
8 baggies of fibers  $26.00
Felting tool w/ 3 needles  $14.95
Five replacement needles  $9.25
Foam 6" x 8"  $4.00
Bonus wool yarn for stems FREE!
Green yarn  
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