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 18 x 24 Poster - Family Dogs 1


 18 x 24 Poster - Farmyard Friends


 18 x 24 Poster - Noah's Ark on one side, New Flock of Sheep on the other


 18 x 24 Poster -New Flock of Sheep on one side, Noah's Ark on the other


 Felting Needle, replacement needles, and foam

$4.00 - $25.00

 Watch our How to Applique videos on our website. Our award winning designer, Debora Konchinsky, takes you from preparing the appliques, through machine stitching them and combining blocks that are different sizes, then machine quilting and signing your name.  What could be better than FREE? Go make yourself some popcorn and relax.  Click on the blue words above to learn something new.

Our wool rovings all come in a 4" x 6" bag, washed and ready to felt.  These fibers are to be used with the felting tool and they look fabulous applied to wool fabrics.


Four frogs, a dragonfly, two lily pads and a lily. This quilt measures 24" x 28". Yours could be a different size if you arrange things differently.


These five cats, are all similar in size to our other cat patterns.  We created it for people who don't want a large project.   You should be able to complete this little quilt in a weekend.


Five dolphins, including two that are jumping, and a mother with her baby.


Four turtles: a sea turtle, a river turtle, a box turtle, and a land turtle. There are also instructions on machine stitching a fern.


Four playful monkeys hanging out on the branches! Of course, a banana comes with this pattern too!


Eight butterflies, some featuring reverse applique, and three flowers: iris, daisy, and filler.





Four lizards are featured in this pattern: iguana, gecko, monitor, and a chameleon.


Six seashells and a kelp make up this design for a small quilt measures 28" x 28". Yours could be a different size if you arrange things differently.


There are 14 drawings of cows and calves in this pattern. You can make your own arrangement, either in block formation, or in a scene.


There are twelve drawings of Big Cats and twenty two small cats galloping around the border.


Fourteen koalas, tree branches, with 3-D leaves.  The quilt in the photo measures 32" x 41"


This Crazy Sheep is a PDF pattern, a crazy quilt with appliqued and felted sheep.  Instructions to hand embroider are written to inspire you to translate the flowers you have in your yard, into simple combinations of hand embroidery stitches.  


$24.95 - $24.95

Needle Felted Appliques in an animal themed quilt.  Here everybody wants to be a sheep.  There are 56 critters in this quilt, but only 17 are sheep. The other 39 critters secretly desire to be sheep.




$29.95 - $29.95

 This bag pattern wil give you the instructions to make the felted Sheep Faces and to make the bag ...a technique and a use.  You could also make a small wall quilt using just the Sheep Faces.


There are drawings for nine foxes and four chicken portraits, and a line drawing for the border quilting.


There are drawings for seven Crows.  I also included a discussion on quilting patterns since there seems to be a lack of instruction on that front.  


In this pattern for fusible raw edge applique, there are full sized drawings of a pair of Swans.

110 Items.  Showing Items 1 thru 24.
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