Wholesale Info

There are plenty of reasons to carry our patterns in your store & buy from us directly:

  1. Only Critter Pattern Works carries all 73 patterns (there is no distributor that carries everything).
  2. We are never out of stock! We have 25,000 patterns in stock, waiting for your order!
  3. Orders are shipped within 24 hours of when we receive them.
  4. Shipping is free within the USA with pre-paid orders. 
  5. Almost any other country shipped Priority Mail at actual cost: $12.95 (up to 4 lbs.) actually ships up to 24 patterns to Australia or Europe! What a deal, and you'll have your order in about a week! Go together with your friends to save on the shipping costs.  We may ship just regular Air Mail if the price is less.
  6. 2/10 Net 30 (with credit approval), or use Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, and checks qualify for free shipping within the USA.
  7. Debora Konchinsky can teach at your store for $400 plus expenses for a lecture and 1/2 day workshop!**
  8. Now that we are making kits, we would be happy to share with you the formulas that we have worked out to help you make kits for our patterns for your shop.
  9. The wholesale prices are the normal keystone of the prices on the Web site.

    * Does not apply to any specials or special events.

    ** Have Critter classes in your store.

    • Minimum order is 12 (or more) patterns with 3 (or more) of each pattern desired.

    • Payment must be made in United States funds or with a credit card.

    You can order online, just e-mail or call for details on how to receive the log-in information for the Wholesale section of our Web site.  Call 484-226-7408 (9:00 am - 5 pm EST Mon-Fri) to obtain your ID and Password.

    There is $400 teaching fee for a lecture and 1/2 day class. You pay transportation and room and board costs to get our designer, Debora Konchinsky, to your shop. There is a minimum order of 100 patterns, also.  This teaching event could be inexpensive if you coordinate your event with our show schedule.

    We have found that most attendees purchase 2 1/2 patterns each, but the real benefit is the after sales, the fabric, thread, fusibles, and batting! Call Paul to schedule your Critter Event.

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