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Class Title: Birds in Wool Felted Applique Quilt 

Birds are not fuzzy but they do make good subjects for a quilt.  I developed this pattern in 2016 to show off some new details I have been playing with.  The birds are all appliques with wool fibers poked into them directly on top of the background fabrics, and the trees limbs, mushrooms and flowers are felted directly on the backgrounds.

In this class, you will learn to how to felt appliques, by pushing wool fibers into wool appliques with a needle felting tool. Complete your birds with 3-D  wings if you like.  Learn how to transfer details onto the appliques without drawing ability is an easy trick. The background blocks can be easily felted together to temporarily hold them, then you can add a foil of embroidery right over the overlapped seam.  You will be inspired by all the information, knowledge and encouragement Debora shares with you, so you can complete the quilt at home. In this jam packed class, we will set aside some time to discuss how hand embroidery adds so much to the appeal of this quilt. There are only 6 simple stitches used, but oh, what an impact you can make, by creating accessories in the birds' environment in embroidery threads and felting, like rocks or tree limbs, and mushrooms. You will look at your environment with new eyes.

The great advantage to this new technique, Felted Applique, is its portability, as no machine is required.  Think about how many times you could be working on your quilt instead of wasting time waiting, commuting, or watching TV. That is the way things get done.

My quilt in the photo above measures 39" square. 

Any of my wool patterns could be done in a class.  All attendees could be working independently on their interest of choice, but learning will be multiplied by listening to hints on everyone's questions and Debora's suggestions to solve problems.  



Class supplies list:

Supplies Participants Should Bring:

  • Scissors, small to cut out appliques.

  • Felting tool...bring what you have or purchase Clover #8901 (the pink one with three needles) $14.50 available at Critter Pattern Works booth before class or in class if the event is not at a show.

  • A piece of upholstery foam 2" thick, or a brush for felting (Clover makes them) to felting into.

  • Replacement needles optional (5 for $7.75) available in class.

  • Pins to pin the appliques to cut them out.
  • Embroidery threads, pearl cotton size #5 or 8 or floss in colors like medium gray, greens, for plants, browns for tree trunks, and colors for mushrooms.  This is not essential, so don't bring a lot.  The focus of the class is felting the birds.

  • Needle for embroidery.


$30.00 Kit includes:

  • A Birds in Wool Pattern pattern (value $18.00)  There are many birds in the pattern, so your project will be different from everybody else's using the same pattern.

  • Two baggies of wool fibers (value $7.00) in different colors...your choice.They are all different.

  • Two pieces of hand dyed wool fabrics 10" x 10 " for backgrounds and scraps for appliques (value $8.00) your choice...they are all different.  This kit is for the beginning of a Birds Quilt.  After taking the class you will want to increase the number of backgrounds so you have enough to make your quilt interesting.

  • Beads for eyes  

Background on this class and technique development:

I've been doing machine applique since forever.  My passion for realism in my appliques has grown exponentially since I made my first pattern for sale in 1989.

In 2007 or so, I started a quilt in menswear wool fabrics, just to see what sheep looked like in pinstripes.  Then I discovered needle felting and it was love at first sight.  My animal appliques were becoming little bas-reliefs and they had texture.  My first quilt, Crazy Sheep,  took two years to make because I was inventing my technique for felted applique.  At that time, people were felting with a single needle, making mini animals in 3-D, but nobody was doing applique with fibers.  

Since I am a pattern designer, I needed to figure out how to teach people who couldn't draw, to make a sheep or a sheep portrait.  A light bulb went off in my head when I stumbled on how to transfer the details of my applique drawings to wool because a lightbox won't work.  

My second wool quilt, Sheep Wannabees, has all felted animals. There are 48 animals (not all sheep) in the center. of the quilt.  It only took ten months to design and make and it is twice the size of the Crazy Sheep.  Both of these quilts have won blue ribbons at national quilt shows and now each of them has a viewers choice ribbon too, and the Wannabees got a Judge's Choice in Paducah.


If you are interested in having Debora Konchinsky come to teach at your guild, give her a call 610-395-2679 or on her cell: 484-226-7408 or email her at  



This class can be offered as a 1/2 day or full day class depending on the distance needed to travel from Allentown, PA area.  A trunk show lecture could also be offered at the same time.   


Debora Konchinsky earned a BFA degree in Fabric Design from the Philadelphia College of Art. She has won a Viewers Choice ribbon her felted applique quilts, Crazy Sheep, and Sheep Wannabees, and many blue ribbons for both quilts, and a Judge's Choice for the Sheep Wannabees.  






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