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These are available via online delivery.  Additionally, all of our Punch Needle Patterns are available for online delivery as a PDF.

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Punch Needle is an old craft that lots of people have taken up these days. It is portable.  A project will look like a mini hooked rug. You work it from the wrong side, creating loops on the right side.  The loops can be short, medium or long, cut or left loopy. You can do it anywhere without a lot of equipment.

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Needle Felted Appliques in another sheep themed quilt.    There are 18 critters in this quilt, but only 13 are sheep.




Twenty-six funky letters and their corresponding realistic animal counterparts!  Click here to see how this pattern looks in WOOL.


Thirty three animal drawing for machine applique including a yak, a polar bear, a caribou, white swan, an eagle, a bear, a walrus, a couple of seals, a mountain goat, a puffin and an Akita..

A finished quilt made from this pattern is available to purchase.  Email for more info.


A great collection of 25 critters from Down Under.


Drawings of 10 bears, five polar bears and five other bears: grizzlies, brown bears, sun bear, and one sockeye salmon.


Nine larger-than-life bugs which are great design ideas which you could embellish with metallic fabrics, and/or beads or punch needle.


There are twelve drawings of Big Cats and twenty two small cats galloping around the border.


Appliqué twigs and leaves and 15 common North American birds and flowers.



Fifteen backyard birds in felted applique with lots of hand embroidery and felted mushrooms. There are lots of opportunities to "slow" stitch while making this pattern into a quiltfelted applique


$14.00 - $17.00

Eight butterflies, some featuring reverse applique, and three flowers: iris, daisy, and filler.





Six Domedary Camels with back packs and saddles to stitch with satin stitching and raw edge applique. You can embellish them with seed beads and other kinds of small beads.

$8.00 - $11.00

The quilt with all twelve Carousel Critters measures 45" x 59". It could be expanded into a bed size quilt by adding borders.



Fifteen different cat faces in 7 1/2" blocks. This pattern includes gold lamé for the eyes. 




Four Cat Faces in Needle Felted Applique.pattern  This quilt is 15" square.  This is a good beginning project for learning this new technique.


$10.00 - $12.00

These five cats, are all similar in size to our other cat patterns.  We created it for people who don't want a large project.   You should be able to complete this little quilt in a weekend.


There are 14 drawings of cows and calves in this pattern. You can make your own arrangement, either in block formation, or in a scene.


This Crazy Sheep is a PDF pattern, a crazy quilt with appliqued and felted sheep.  Instructions to hand embroider are written to inspire you to translate the flowers you have in your yard, into simple combinations of hand embroidery stitches.  


$18.00 - $20.00

Five elephants in graduated sizes, two camels, a lion, tiger, giraffe, monkey, dog and a horse all decked out in circus costumes to be embellished with fancy machine stitches.


There are drawings for seven Crows.  I also included a discussion on quilting patterns since there seems to be a lack of instruction on that front.  

$9.00 - $10.00

There are six crustaceans in this pattern:  a shrimp, a rock lobster, and Maine lobster, a horseshoe crab, a crab, and a hermit crab.  The backgrounds are crazy quilt style which is explained in the pattern.  I hand embroidered the crazy quilt stitches with pearl cotton and embellished with beads all the corals and some of the crustaceans.

$9.00 - $11.00

There are two Dragonflies drawings with 5 wildflowers to bead or embroider: Dandelion (yellow and puff ball), Queen Anne's Lace, Thistle, and Wild Rose.  The quilt in the photograph measures 22 1/2" square.

$7.00 - $10.00

In this pattern for fusible applique, there are full sized drawings of a lizard (he is about 7" long x 6" wide), three butterflies (one for a beginner beader), a wren, a dragonfly, and a snail.  The instructions explain how to do raw edge machine appliqué, hand embroidery (crazy quilt stitches) and hand beading.


There are nine Seahorses and a Sea Dragon with coral and seaweed.

$8.00 - $10.00

The Designer Seashells would make it a good project for a beginner who wants to learn how to embellish with beads.

$7.00 - $9.00
91 Items.  Showing Items 1 thru 24.
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