Sheep Faces Bag

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Sheep Faces Bag

This handy bag is easy to construct.  I made a similar shape when I was in college.  The handles are part of the width since they extend all the way to the base of the bag.  The part wih the four faces wraps around the bottom of the bag to the back, so there are only two seams that make the bag.  How simple is that?  In college, I made my bag from my hand woven fabric so it wasn't lined.  With the Sheep Faces Bag, it is lined and has batting and machine quilting stitches holding the layers together.  Can you see the many variations you could make just by changing the dimensions?  My bag measures 13 1/2" wide x 10 1/2" high and the strap is 36" from bag top left to bag top right.  Someone recently asked how many yards to will take about 3/4 yard of 52 to 60 wide LIGHT weight wool to make this bag.  It won't be as interesting as using scraps of wools.

The Faces are felted and not very complicated to do.  Felting needles are required (and a piece of foam to felt into, to protect you thigh or the table as you felt) some wool (cotton works with felting, too, but isn't as durable) fabric for the backgrounds and some roving (wool fibers) with different textures (some curly and some smooth). You could use two to four baggies for the whole project. I embellished the Faces with iris colored glass beads for the eys (they are a little bit purple, black, green and glass beads would be boring here), and some gray pearl cotton embroidery thread.  

Each Face takes less than an hour to make since they are only about 5" square.  Add some pink roving if you like, on the noses and ears to make them look real.  If you need pink roving, it would only be a teeny amount, so ask me to mix some in with the baggies you purchase.  

If you need wool fabric for both the appliques and backgrounds I will choose them for you but please tell me what colors you like  (browns, greens, reds etc). Our wools are constantly changing so if you feel strongly about colors, email me with your request. The two pieces of wool are 10" x 14 1/2" and are for the appliques and the background blocks.

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