Punch Needle Sand Dollar- PATTERN

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Punch Needle Sand Dollar- PATTERN

The Sand Dollar design is just over 4" round and is worked on khaki weavers cloth. If you can't find that color, which is elusive, you can make a pot of tea and soak the fabric in the tea to darken it.  The contrast is important, because the sand dollar is worked in #8 DMC pearl cotton in ecru color.   The outline thread is a combination of three Sulky Blendables (cotton sewing threads that come in size 12 which is heavy, and 30 which is thinner), two of the threads are variegated. Use what you have in your stash that accents the ecru color and stands out from the weavers cloth for your outline.

The little art lesson in this pattern is learning about positive and negative space. There are areas that are not stitched that are part of the design. That space creates a shadow which makes the area read as a design line.

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