Noah's Ark - PATTERN

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This pattern is now available to purchase as a downloaded pattern.  Please give us 24 hours to send it to you in an email after you pay for your order.  Of course, you will need a working printer to print out all the drawings to use the PDF pattern.

The quilt in the photo measures 37" square.  Fifty animals and two arks (one for quilt or a smaller one for clothing embellishment). There are doors that open on the ark and the elephants' ears and the dove's wing are 3-D.  The directions include instructions for satin stitching, although raw edge stitching (same as quilting stitches described below, except it is done very close to the applique's raw edge) would make this project go faster.  If the edges fray, that's part of the charm.  Beside animals are furry...this just adds to the look.

This is not a pattern for the faint of heart.  There are lots of little pieces, but an easy way to control it is to do the quilt top in sections.  Start out with the central area, the sky, the water and the first land.  Fuse down all the pieces there and stitch them.  Then move onto the log cabin strips around that area, inserting the unstuffed piping in the seam allowance where the animals are walking.  Make sure you cut the animals facing the correct way (they are all leaving the ark).  This quilt will give you an intense lesson in visualizing contrast between the different values of your fabric choices.  The light colored critters need to be placed on medium and dark backgrounds so they show up.  That applies to all the values.  The dark ones go on medium and light backgrounds. The thread colors need to contrast with both the background and the critter fabrics.  Audition the fabrics and the critters in different areas.  Vary the sizes of the critters, tall ones and short ones mixed throughout the design.

The quilting is echo quilting done on the sewing machine, with a darning foot, feed dogs working and straight stitch.  Go fast on the gas (speed pedal) and move your hands slowly...that gives more even and smoother stitches.

This pattern is only available to be mailed, (not available as a PDF pattern). 

We have How to Applique videos if you learn visually.  Watch our designer, Debora Konchinsky take you through all the steps to make a Critter Pattern Works quilt.



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