Quick & Easy Pants - PATTERN

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Quick & Easy Pants - PATTERN

This pattern is for quilters who don't have anymore wall space for hanging their work. Now you can wear your quilt designs! Debora has been developing these pants for the last ten years and finally decided to share them with other quilters. They are fun to make and different from other quilter clothes.

There are only two pattern pieces, with lots of embellishment possibilities! This is truly a multi-sized pattern that you draw yourself with our enclosed 36" x 48" kraft paper, and our usual detailed instructions, our crotch pattern and two of your measurements for custom fit. We realize that some quilters have never sewn clothes and need to have extra detailed directions. These pants fit up to a 52" (132 cm) hip, and the length is determined by your measurement. If you are thinner you can remove some width off the pattern, or if you are larger, just add some paper for extra width.

The main pattern piece is a rectangle with a crotch cut out. The waist is elastic, and the cuff is another rectangle. The fit is as comfortable as a pair of jogging pants, but dressier. There is only one seam going down each leg off the center front, no side seams, no inseam seams.

The first pair of pants should be made with a single print with contrasting cuffs and sash. You need 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 yards of fabric for a basic pair of pants, and 1" elastic for the waist. Sew the pants together and check the fit and comfort in just two hours. Then you can “go to town” on the design possibilities. Inseam pockets are included. But you could also add patch pockets which are just lined rectangles top stitched on to the place where you need a pocket.

The decorating possibilities are not limited to:

  • Pieced empty blocks and appliquéd blocks similar to making a Critter Quilt
  • Crazy quilt squares
  • Paper piecing blocks
  • Embroideries with patchwork

We have How to Applique videos if you learn visually.  Watch our designer, Debora Konchinsky take you through all the steps to make a Critter Pattern Works quilt.



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