Needle Felting class supplies list

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 Critter Pattern Works
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You don't have to use the Woolly Sheep pattern in this class.  Any Critter Pattern Works pattern will work as well and it is recommended  to take the felting appliques class at  Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival (Hampton VA).   .

Neutral colored light weight wools. These are designer wools that are used to make fancy hand tailored suits.  The colors are black, navy, brown, tans, camels, off white and beiges and gray in pinstripes, textures (like subtle plaids) and solids.  I cut them into an assortment that a quilter would appreciate, from light to dark.    These pieces are at least 15" square.  These fabrics show off your embroidery, using bright colored threads and rovings (wool fiber) in contract to the neutral fabrics, with the Crazy Sheep/Woolly Sheep patterns. .You can also choose roving (fibers) at our booth at beginning of the show, too. There will be a better assortment of textures for you in the booth.  We also stock the felting tools and foam at the shows.

The 5 (or more) rovings colors can be ordered here. I have more different textures of roving for sheep than are pictured of the roving page.

I decided not to order the pearl cottons which are available at Michael's.  Although I used size #8 throughout the two quilts, I have recently started working with size #5 which is a little thicker. 

Let me know (  if you would prefer me to make up kits for this class with the felting tool, fibers, wool fabrics, some lengths of pearl cotton in assorted colors since the class starts before the show opens.  No shopping time.

Items needed for felting class

These items are available in our booth.  You can pick them up before class. If you choose to make a quilt with the Crazy Sheep or the Sheep Wannabees PDF patterns, please order them now so you can download and print out the drawings you want ot work with in class.  By cutting out a couple of wool fabric appliques with fusible on the backside and fusing them to contrasting wool backgrounds, you will be able to accomplish more in class. This is a class on felting.  If you need instruction on how to fuse appliques, watch our how-to applique videos.

Pieces of wool for appliques and backgrounds  $2.25
Felting tool  $14.50
Foam to felt into  $3.00
Woolly and Crazy Sheep PDF patterns  $29.95
Sheep Wannabees PDF pattern  $39.95
Steam-A-Seam lite package of 5 sheets  $4.25
Items needed for embroidery class:

 Have an wool applique or two, cut out and fused to a contrasting wool background fabric and either sewn or felted in place, ready before class.  Please use a Critter Pattern Works pattern for your appliques. If you don't know how to applique we have six videos to show you how, on our web site.

In class, we will learn how to draw trees and flowers with basic hand embroidery stitches to enhance your appliques.  No drawing or embroidery experience is required to take this class. 

Assortment of 5 pearl cotton size 8 threads 
Assortment of 5 pearl cotton size 8 threads 
Light weight wool fabric with a CPW applique fused and sewn  $2.25
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