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A great collection of 25 critters from Down Under.


A small herd of eight elephants, each having 3-D ears and faces (using UltraSuede® or felt), a tree and a modular underbrush pattern to make up a unique scene. Instructions for making cording to use as tails are included.


All the flippers and tails of the thirteen whales stand out from the background. Also, 3-D corals, clam and starfish. Great use for UltraSuede® scraps. The background for the ocean was a fabric that changed color from one side to the other, light to dark. This quilt measures 35" x 44". 



Twenty-six funky letters and their corresponding realistic animal counterparts!  Click here to see how this pattern looks in WOOL.


A family of nine pigs with 3-D ears & curling tails, and a spider and her web with sewing machine embellishments.



Fifteen different cat faces in 7 1/2" blocks. This pattern includes gold lamé for the eyes. 



Appliqué twigs and leaves and 15 common North American birds and flowers.



In this pattern resides five English dragons, Merlin, a griffin and a unicorn. There is also a castle, a piece of gold lame fabric to make stars and lightning. We used glass multi-faceted antique buttons (that we found at a flea market) to represent crystals that two of the dragons, the griffin, and Merlin hold. There are many 3-D details in this quilt.


Twenty complete drawings of cats are included with this pattern, so you can arrange them however you like.  They are placed in a  book shelf scene which requires three different background fabrics going from dark to light and then you coordinate them with a border fabric. 


$8.00 - $10.00

Nine larger-than-life bugs which are great design ideas which you could embellish with metallic fabrics, and/or beads or punch needle.


This pattern features 20 sheep and rams, a border collie to keep them in line & watch over them, a fence to border the field of crazy quilt scraps, and four faces (for the cornerstones of a quilt).

$9.00 - $11.00

This pattern has 15 goldfish, one channel catfish, fancy koi with many variations for coloring, and underwater plants. Directions for reeds and crushed-fabric rocks are also included.


This pattern includes 16 drawings for machine applique with two chicks and an egg.  There is also a pattern and instructions for paper piecing the triangle shapes that were used for filler blocks.  The quilt pictured measures 41" x 48".


This pattern features 6 pandas, bamboo, and 3-D leaves. This would make a good beginner pattern because there are not a lot of sharp edges (pandas have rounded body parts).

$7.00 - $9.00
110 Items.  Showing Items 97 thru 110.
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