Felted Cod Water Bottle Bag

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I strive to create little pieces of art.  My animal appliques are becoming more realistic the more I make them.  This beginner pattern is for a felted cod fish applique which decorates a bag to carry a 16 oz.water bottle.  Because I quilted it with cotton batting and made it from wool fabric, you could surmise that it will keep the water cool for a long while.

There are detailed instructions in the pattern for felting, blending colors of fibers, working with the Clover Felting tool, quilting the wool background, and then constructing this tube-like bag, and making a spaghetti strap handle.  You think you could never make this in your wildest dreams?  Honestly, you don't need to be able to draw to make this felted fish look like something you would be proud of.  There is a trick in the pattern to help you place pattern parts in their proper place like the eye, fin on the fish's side, the lateral line, the mouth and gill lines, without using a light box to trace.  The wool fabric is too thick to see through, anyway.

The bag measures 10" x 5" not including the handle. Don't you know someone who would just love to receive this bag as a gift?  It is so much fun to be able to say, "I made it myself."  The bag size could easily be adjusted to accommodate a wine or soda bottle.

 When you see how easy this technique is, you'll be wanting to make a bag for yourself, too.



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